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Placed to find a Notary Public in Portland Oregon

Notary Public in Portland, Oregon Have you found yourself in need of a Notary Public and unsure of where to start looking? Usually clients are open to where they want to meet the notary to complete the notarization process, so there are many places where you can meet the notary in Portland and have your […]
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Notary Fees | What are Portland Notary Now fees?

Notary Fees in Portland The first question you may have when finding a notary company to complete your notarization request is what the fee will be. Can a notary charge whatever fee they want? There are many factors regarding what the price for mobile Notary services will be. However, the maximum per notarial act fee […]
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Oregon Notary Fee Per Notarial Act

At Portland Notary Now we have different types of notary fees incorporated into our pricing, there is the fee per notarial act which has a maximum that is set by the State of Oregon, and there are fees for additional optional services, such as travel, printing, and anything beyond just providing notarial service. According to […]
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