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Mobile Notary Fees

Mobile Notary Fees for Portland Oregon


State mandated Oregon Notary Fee Schedule, not including Mobile service fees.

Portland Oregon Notary Fees

Travel Fee Zone 1 (Includes first notarized signature)$55
Travel Fee Zone 2 (Includes first notarized signature)$65
Travel Fee Zone 3 (Includes first notarized signature)$75
Travel Fee Zone 4 (Includes first notarized signature)$85
Travel Fee Zone 5 (Includes first notarized signature)$95
Travel Fee Zone 6 (Includes first notarized signature)$105
Per Notarized Signature in addition to Travel$10 per signer per document per Notary act.
Remote Online/ Virtual Notary per signature/Notary Act$25 for one signature/Notary act. $15 per additional signature/Notary Act in the same session.
Remote Online Notary Platform FeesIn addition to signature fee- will quote before booking.
Real Estate Closings(seller, purchase, refi, etc)Flat rate call for quote
Estate Document Signing-Includes Most notarizations, and travel (1 signer being notarized)(Extra if far travel or excess sigs)Flat rate call for quote
Estate Document Signing-includes most notarizations, and travel (2 signers being notarized)(Extra if far travel or excess sigs)Flat rate call for quote
Verification of Oath or Affirmation$10
Certifying a Copy$10
Witnessing or Attesting a Signature$10
Protesting Commercial Paper$10
Administering oath/affirmation without a signature$10
Wait fee if over 15 minute grace period for signing to start$2 per minute over 15 mins grace period.
Parking if applicableAt cost/ discuss with Notary
CourierCall for quote
PrintingCall for quote
ShippingCall for quote
Portland Mobile Notary Public fee schedule

We accept cash, credit, debit, and check.

Oregon notaries are prohibited from charging in excess of $10 per signature. This does not include travel, which is built into our fees. Depending on your circumstances, it may be more than signatures x $10 due to travel, or it may be less than $10 x signatures since we strive to be affordable. However, we will never charge more than $10 per notarization, we will only charge excess for travel, and additional services. We will also provide a breakdown of what amount is travel if you are paying a travel fee.

Our fee schedule is set up to be simple and provide value for our customers. The pricing is based on the location the notary is traveling to, number of signatures, and if additional services are needed. The prices are inclusive of 1 signature and travel wrapped into one flat rate. If it is more than one signature, the fee would be increased by $10 more per signature in excess.

*** Our quotes are subject to change if the amount of signatures required is different than what the customer informed us, or if excess costs are incurred, such as parking fees. We quote our customers based on the information they provide us in response to our pricing questions, so if we are misinformed we will adjust the price accordingly, based on the fee schedule. The most common change is the customer had more signatures to notarize than they stated, so the price increased by $10 x number of excess signatures.

Please request a quote for any special or additional services you may need. If it is for a loan signing, you will need to request a quote as each signing is unique.

Please have information ready regarding your notarizing needs so you main obtain an accurate quote.

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I am not an attorney licensed to practice law. I am not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities. ORS 194.350(4)(A).

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