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Notary Fees | What are Portland Notary Now fees?

Notary Fees in Portland

The first question you may have when finding a notary company to complete your notarization request is what the fee will be. Can a notary charge whatever fee they want? There are many factors regarding what the price for mobile Notary services will be. However, the maximum per notarial act fee will be set by the State of Oregon as $10 per notarial act. Notaries can charge for other services such as printing, travel, time, parking, etc. Anything in excess of the standard notarial act.

The most traditional pricing formula for mobile notary services is: Travel fee (determined by location and set by notary) + the state mandated maximum fee of $10 per notarial act/signature + any excess fees for wait time or parking etc.

We set our pricing different from how many companies do, to make the process of quoting simple, and make notarization more affordable. We charge based on location and other factors, however we include one notarial acts/signature in the fee. We do charge extra if you request special services in which we will incure a cost, but most minor additional services such as small print jobs etc are included.

It is illegal for a Notary Public to charge in excess of $10 per notarized signature. Each person per document counts as a separate signature, for example four people on one document is four separate notarial acts. However, notaries can charge for travel and other fees as long as that is disclosed.

If you have questions in reference to the Oregon maximum notary fees, or our specific notary fees, please contact us. We are Portland Notary Now.

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