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Oregon Notary Fee Per Notarial Act

At Portland Notary Now we have different types of notary fees incorporated into our pricing, there is the fee per notarial act which has a maximum that is set by the State of Oregon, and there are fees for additional optional services, such as travel, printing, and anything beyond just providing notarial service.

According to Oregon law, a Notary Public is prohibited from charging more than the following fee per each respective notarial act:

  • $10 per acknowledgment
  • $10 per verification of oath or affirmation
  • $10 for a copy certification
  • $10 for witnessing or attesting a signature
  • $10 for protesting commercial paper
  • $10 for an oath or affirmation without a signature.

As you can see from the above chart, most notarial acts are a $10 maximum per act. Be aware, each person and each signature counts are separate notarial acts. So if one person needs three acknowledgments, that would be three different notarial acts. Or two people on one document, would be two separate acknowledgments as far as pricing and notarial acts go.

Services above and beyond the standard notarial act are set and agreed upon between the notary service company and the prospective client. Clients are not obligated to utilize a mobile notary, and if they desire to pay only the state mandated fee they may locate a notary public office location in order to avoid any additional service fees.

If any notary is charging more than $10 per notarial act you should report them to the Oregon Secretary of State. Please be clear this is for notarial acts only, travel and other non-notarial fees are allowed to be additional to the per notary fee.

Please reference the following link for the government law code for the per notarial act fees and regulations. Oregon Notary Fees Law

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